About  Family & Children’s

“Turn to Us:”
A promise to our community

As a leading community provider of human services, our goal is to help people improve the quality of their lives. The Family & Children’s Society is committed to renewing hope for those who face challenges due to troubling circumstances. This commitment translates into assistance, care and counseling that serves to strengthen and support individuals and healthy relationships.

This agency consists of a dedicated staff, board of directors, and volunteers who have promised to serve with compassion and integrity. We place high value on quality and respect, and see responsiveness as an essential element of care. Responsiveness and flexibility have helped The Family & Children’s Society remain a stable and reliable place to turn to for help for almost 75 years. We are proud of our history, for it reflects a well-kept promise.

We have taken great care to think and operate in a protective, responsible manner that ensures our promise to the community can be met now and kept in the future, no matter what challenges arise. It’s because of this commitment that we can say with confidence, “Turn to Us — we’re ready and able to help.”