There’s No Place Like Home…

Linda, Gloria, Eddie and AJ

When his elderly uncle was sent to a nursing home, Eddie never imagined that he would end up there too. 

Throughout his life, his uncle had cared for him…in fact adopting Eddie when his own parents neglected his complex medical needs. But decades later his elderly uncle became ill and was admitted to a nursing home. With no one to care for Eddie, he was admitted to the nursing home as well. Sadly, several weeks later his uncle passed away. “It took a lot out of me when I learned my uncle died. I was depressed and stayed in bed all the time,” Eddie shared.

But all of that changed. Because of you, Eddie had an advocate at Family & Children’s Society who was determined to get him out of the nursing home and back into the community. 

F&CS Home Care Aide Wendy Reppard had been assisting Eddie and his uncle for several years. She knew that Eddie didn’t belong in a nursing home. With her help, Eddie was enrolled in our Family Homes for the Elderly (FHE) program and now lives with the VonWolfersdorf family. Eddie was moved to tears as he talked about the experience. “Wendy is so special. She helped me and my uncle,” he said. “If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Your support allows us to offer home care programs that provide an alternative to nursing home placement. Linda and AJ VonWolfersdorf have been part of the FHE program for 18 years. Their household bubbles with energy. Holiday decorations add to the cheerful atmosphere. Eddie is now an integral part of the family and joined Gloria, who moved in with them last year. They are both looking forward to Christmas with the VonWolfersdorf family. “Everybody sits at the same table,” Linda shared. “When other family shows up, we pull the (table) leaf out to make room for everyone,” she said with a smile.

Thanks to donors like you, people have home care options that allow them to continue living in the community instead of institutional care.

Eddie raves about Linda’s cooking and she has helped him decorate his room for the holidays including his own mini Christmas tree. Every night he listens to country music before bed, including his favorite singer…George Jones. None of this would be possible without the support of generous donors like you.

Eddie also has a special bond with AJ. “I’m having so much fun with Eddie, our personalities really match,” said AJ. Both are big racing fans. Eddie’s eyes light up as he talks about their outings to Five Mile Point Speedway to see the car races. He is also a big Washington Redskins football fan and enjoys watching football games with the family.

“There are no other family homes better than Family & Children’s,” shared Eddie. “Nobody else can treat you with such open arms.”

Because of you, Eddie and others are able to get the home care services they need. They have alternatives to nursing home care and can continue living in the community. You have been part of their success and your support allows us to continue this important work.

Our 2017 giving campaign is underway. We are raising $25,000 so we can provide home care programs to meet the needs of people in our community. Your gift to the annual campaign helps people like Eddie and Gloria, giving them opportunities they might otherwise not have.

“I want to tell people thank you very much. So much of life has changed,” shared Eddie.

Your gift and support shows that you believe in the extraordinary resilience of people in this community. You are helping them lead healthy, happy and successful lives.

Thank you for making it all possible!