United Way Grant Ensures Access to Mental Health Services for Youth

Family & Children’s Society is pleased to be the recipient of a $42,000 award from the United Way of Broome County.  The award will allow the agency to offer sliding scale fees for children and their families who lack the financial resources to cover the cost of vital counseling services.

While many of the individuals accessing services may have insurance, reimbursement rates rarely cover the actual cost of the client’s treatment.  This is especially true for children receiving services through our school-based mental health clinics.  Many of their families are underinsured with high co-pays and deductibles.

Historically, Family & Children’s Society has never turned people away based on an inability to pay and would be disheartened to change that policy.  Support from the United Way of Broome County will help ensure that doesn’t change.

Whitney Point (WP) is one of our partner school districts. From left: WP Jo-Ann Sexton, Director of Curriculum & Instruction; WP Primary School Principal Jo-Anne Knapp; F&CS School-based Social Worker Karen Coppola; and WP High School Principal Bruce Tytler.

From 2012 to 2016, Broome County has seen significant increase in the number of children with a behavioral health diagnosis, especially among young children under age 12.  Our school-based programs at Whitney Point, Maine-Endwell, Union-Endicott, Johnson City, Windsor and Binghamton’s East Middle School help ensure early identification and treatment regardless of the family’s ability to pay for those services.

With the support of the United Way, our goal is that youth living in Broome County are less impacted by mental health issues resulting in a better quality of life and greater participation in school and community activities that lead to higher graduation rates.

We are most grateful to all the individuals and companies who donate to the United Way.  You are making a difference in the lives of the children we serve through our school-based counseling program.