Toy Donation Brightens Children’s Waiting Room

Barbara Gannon, Muriel Herzig and Thelma Leader, representing the Presbyterian Women of the Congregation of Northminster Presbyterian Church in Endwell, posed with some of the toys the group donated.

When one community organization reaches out to help another, the results can be wonderful.

Members of the Presbyterian Women of the Congregation (PWC) of Northminster Presbyterian Church in Endwell were in search of a project. Nancy Nestlerode, a PWC member and a board member at Family & Children’s Society, suggested they help make the children’s waiting room at Family & Children’s more welcoming by providing new toys and activities for the children who receive services or wait for family members. This is the first time the church group has selected the agency to benefit from their efforts. Some toys were purchased with funds from the PWC’s biannual sales while other toys were donated by congregation members. Children visiting the waiting area will now have use of a dollhouse and dolls, Duplos, toy vehicles, coloring books and crayons, My Little Ponies, books, preschool learning toys and a selection of magazines, including an ongoing subscription to National Geographic for Kids.

Three PWC members – Barbara Gannon, Muriel Herzig and Thelma Leader – delivered the toys June 1, met staff and enjoyed a tour of the building.

Said Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs Director Jenny Almanzar, LCSW-R, “New toys in our children’s waiting room provide children with an inviting atmosphere. Sometimes children are very anxious about their appointments or are new clients and seeing a waiting room with toys can put them at ease and help to feel that they are in a welcoming place. It also allows parents with other children to have a comfortable place to wait.”

Thank you, Northminster PWC!