Marlow Completes Capstone Project at F&CS

Marlow presented the results of her Capstone Project at Binghamton University

Graduate intern Casey Marlow recently completed a Capstone Project at Family & Children’s Society that included a needs assessment for chemical dependency services in Broome County. Marlow is enrolled in the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program at Binghamton University.

The Capstone is the final project for the students in the MPA Program. It is a synthesis of all previous coursework and professional and/or internship experience directed toward the production of a professional administrative or policy analysis paper.

Among her conclusions and recommendations related to chemical dependency services in the county, Marlow stated:

 “The results suggest the availability of services is insufficient to meet the current demand. This is illustrated by the wait times and the several services mentioned as lacking in the community, such as medicated assisted treatment and inpatient treatment. Another need in the region is improved accessibility. Transportation and insurance in particular create significant challenges for individuals to successfully engage in services.”

Throughout her project, Marlow worked with CEO Lisa Hoeschele and CFO Don Waddell. “Once again the Binghamton MPA program had a strong student in Casey Marlow to help with various process improvement projects at the agency,” said Waddell.  Both Hoeschele and Waddell were impressed with Marlow’s ability to work independently on projects. “She’s a go-getter and only needed guidance along the way,” added Waddell.

The merger that is in process between F&CS and Family Counseling Services of Cortland County creates an excellent opportunity to expand Cortland’s successful chemical dependency program into Broome County.  F&CS will use Marlow’s Capstone research and report to help guide the agency as we begin offering chemical dependency services at our Binghamton clinic in the year ahead.