Grant Enables Information Technology Hire

For many years, Family & Children’s utilized internal staff for basic technology needs. As technology became more complex, the time and technology skills needed to support the computer network, electronic medical records (EMR) and billing systems dramatically increased and the agency began contracting with outside companies for technology support, which has been effective but costly.

Brooke Ducey

Family & Children’s was recently the recipient of a Capacity Building Grant from the United Way of Broome County. The $10,000 grant has helped the agency hire a full-time, dedicated information technology (IT) professional to evaluate and support technology infrastructure and make recommendations for improvement. The grant partially subsidizes the first year’s salary for this much-needed position.

Brooke Ducey has joined Family & Children’s as the Director of Technical Services. She will provide IT support and oversee agency efforts to utilize EMR to track and report on clinical outcome measures and analyze data related to value-based outcomes. The project helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization in a managed Medicaid environment that requires detailed tracking and reporting of clinical outcomes and provides financial incentives for administrative efficiencies and positive patient outcomes.